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Result for Ganit Prabhutwa Pariksha held in Dec. 2019, and Kaprekar Fast Calculation Spardha 2019, List of Eligible Students for Ganit Prabhutwa Spardha on 23 Feb. 2020- see under Circulars.
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Sample Question Paper(Ganit Prabhutwa Spardha)

5th Standard

8th Standard
a) To establish, conduct, control and manage schools, academics and institutions for promoting mathematics education in all its several branches and departments by ways, modes or methods best suited to the needs of the students.
b) To conduct or undertake conditionally or otherwise the management and or supervision of similar institutions.
c) To organize vocational guidance and careers mastership on mathematics. And to organize and conduct seminars on mathematics with the intention to create interest, respect in the mind of students,teachers ,guardians and peoples in general for mathematics studies and its education ,research in mathematics.
d) To participate in the activities of education in mathematics teaching and research and also work for upliftment of the same.
e) To organize seminars of institutions of teachers teaching mathematics in Pune and try to streamline the teaching techniques of mathematics.
f) To hold conferences of teachers and institutions who worked on mathematics in the state of Maharashtra and to keep co-operation with them for getting the research information and for adopting new techniques in the subject of mathematics.
g) To establish library and build up a collection of books, periodicals and papers, films and other audiovisual aids on the subject of mathematics and to arrange for their distribution.
i) To start and conduct magazines, periodicals and newspapers and issue pamphlets to carry on propaganda on the subject of mathematics.
j) To provide, establish endow furnish and fit out with all necessary furniture, instruments and other equipments for the studies in mathematics and allow the students in mathematics.
k) To educate and train teachers of mathematics.
l) To arrange and hold conferences demonstrations ,exhibitions, meetings, lectures ,discussions and competitions and to do all acts and things necessary to promote the mathematical studies.
m) To publish books, periodicals, magazines and study materials for the upliftment of mathematics and to provide the same to the students and teachers with the intention to improve study and teaching techniques in mathematics.
n) To arrange competitions and examinations in mathematics and to issue prizes and certificates to the successful students and teachers.
o) To amalgamate with any other society, institution or association having object wholly or in part similar to the objects of the trust.
p) To do all other lawful acts, deeds or things as are incidential or conductive to the attainment of any of the above objects.
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Ganit Prabhutwa December 2013
Ganit Olympiyad September 2013
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