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Result for Ganit Prabhutwa Pariksha held in Dec. 2019, and Kaprekar Fast Calculation Spardha 2019, List of Eligible Students for Ganit Prabhutwa Spardha on 23 Feb. 2020- see under Circulars.
Examinations and Competetions
1. Minimum Achievement test (for std. v and std. viii) :
  This examination is conducted to diagnose whether student has digested the minimum required concepts upto the preceeding respective standards.
2. Mathamatics Quiz Competition Ganit Olympiad) :
  Pune Jilha Ganit Adhyapak Mandal and Rotary Club jointly conduct this novel competition. It is conducted in two groups.
  Gr. A- Std. vii and viii students
  Gr. B- Std. ix and x students
  A team consists of two students of Gr. A or Gr. B. A school can send maximum three teams of each group. The total competition consists of three rounds. The first round consists of written examination of 50 marks. First ten teams from each group are qualified for the second round. First four teams of the second round from each group are qualified for the third round, which is a stage performance.
3. Speedy Calculation Competition (LATE KAPAREKAR MEMORIAL) :
  This competition is held to pay homage to the memory of internationally famous and eminent mathematician and secondary school teacher Late.D.R.Kaparekar.This competition is conducted in two groups.
  Gr. A - Std. v or v i students
  Gr. B - Std. vii or viii students
  It is based on the book "THIRTEEN CUTS IN MATHEMATICS" written by
  Late. D.R. Kaparekar.Students benefit from the short cuts in calculations in their day to day mathematical calculations in their school mathematics.
4. Ganit Prabhutva (N.E.C.M.) (for std. v and std. viii) :
  Syllabus for this examination is as in the book Ganit Prabhutva Level-1 for std v and std viii . All the 4 books (Ganit Prabhutva -std. v and std.viii in English as well as Marathi) will be published at the most at the end of August. Medium for this examination is MARATHI, ENGLISH. Students securing 75 or more marks in N.E.C.M. (Level-1) are automatically eligible for N.E.C.M. (Level-2)
  Ganit Prabhutva competition. The difficulty level of this exam is much higher than the respective examinations.Students get merit certificates, trophies, scholarship according to the norms decided by Pune Jilha Ganit Adhyapak Mandal.
5. Ganit Nishnat (for std. X) :
  The purpose of this examination is to develope and foster problem solving attitude in the students. The difficulty level of questions is more than that of S.S.C. exam.A certificate of merit is awarded to all students securing at least 60% marks. Pune Jilha Ganit Adhyapak Mandal awards cash prizes, certificates as per its criteria.
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